How do I get from an idea, drawing or design to a 3D printed object or prototype? Oceanz accompanies designers and engineers from design to 3D print. It is possible to check your files and forward your design to our 3D printing machine park. But we could also set up a co-creation and develop your product together. We also help you with the finetuning of the existing design (for example topology optimization) and start the reverse engineering for 3D printing.

Engineering & reverse-engineering

The Oceanz professionals go through the entire process together with you and advise on the various possibilities, from prototype to serial production. Do you have a (sketch) design, but no digital drawing? Oceanz provides you with a digital drawing. If necessary, we take care of an adaptation in your design (re-design) or make a 3D scan of an existing model. We also advise you on the most suitable 3D printing material, the quality requirements, post-treatment and an option finish.

As a designer or engineer, you will still influence the design. We like to guide and advise where desired. This is done to achieve the optimal 3D-printproduct.

    Cases in Engineering

    3D printed water nozzle for virtual reality fire exercise

    3D printed water nozzle for virtual reality fire exercise

    XVR creates virtual reality training software for education, training and assessment of incident response safety professionals, such as police, fire and medical services. Think about training firefighters for specific events in petrochemical plants, crowded city centers and skyscrapers. These areas are impossible to lock down but need specific training. XVR makes it possible to do this in a realistic digital environment.

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