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Medical devices in 3D print are for single use. It helps prevent inaccuracies during surgery and realize a pre-surgical plan.

Frequently requested 3D print models for the medical industry

  • Surgical Guides
  • Anatomic models
  • Wafers
  • Moulds for cranioplasty

Surgical Guides

Drilling and sawing jigs are frequently used during operations. These 3D-printed tools are placed on the bone and help the surgeon determine which piece of bone needs to be extracted, adjusted or precisely prepared.

These surgical guides are for single use, help prevent inaccuracies during surgery and realize a pre-surgical plan. These molds are 3D printed in a (transparent) plastic or in metal. The 3D printing is done in a sterile environment.

Anatomic Models

The 3D printing of anatomical models provides a clear explanation to the patient. These models are also used directly for surgical preparation and as an explanation model for interns and physician assistants.


A wafer is used for the repositioning of the lower or upper jaw. Wafers are used during surgery to determine the new position of the upper or lower jaw relative to the still unoperated jaw.

Moulds for cranioplasty

Patient-specific skull molds are mainly used for reconstructive surgery after decompressive craniotomy. This is to protect the unprotected brain against external influences, pressure and infections.