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ISO 9001 and 3D printing

If 3D printing wants to become a leading technique, it must be able to meet the highest standards. Although ISO 9001 is a fairly general quality standard, it is very useful for 3D printing companies. The standard provides an acceptable starting point for the production of 3D printed models and ample room for adaptation to specific conditions in this still young industry.

Oceanz 3D printing & ISO 9001: since 2014

Oceanz started the certification process on its own initiative in 2014 for two reasons. Firstly, we want to take responsibility for improving our quality and raising the bar higher and higher. We do this by describing, improving and securing current processes. In addition, the market is increasingly demanding more quality standards. This applies to retailers, for example, but especially to clients from the high-tech and medical industries. Moreover, the certification of professional 3D printing companies will curb the proliferation. For 3D printing to become a fully developed technique, it must meet the highest standards.