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Dental Dental

The 3D printing of dental prostheses also makes impressive progress in dentistry and brings many innovative technologies within the dental industry. Think of the 3D printing of drilling templates, bridges, (temporary) crowns, orthodontic models, individual spoons, materials for dental prosthesis and dental tools.

Benefits 3D printing dental prostheses in dentistry

Accurate quality

Dental laboratories and dentist clinics can print 3D (jaw) models easily. A 3D printer offers consistent quality and increases efficiency in production.

Time saving of the dental technician

The current working models of plaster are manufactured by a printer. The dental technician can then perform other tasks during printing.

Increased production

All work models are stored digitally. This simplifies the ordering process, but also makes it possible to store the work models and to make adjustments later on.

Less material

The model is 3D printed with a biocompatible material. Because of the fact that only the final product is printed, there will be no residual material.

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