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Oceanz PA12

This whitish fine powder based on polyamide 12 has a wide variety of applications. Oceanz PA12 has excellent material properties: • high strength and stiffness • good chemical resistance and excellent long-term consistent behaviour • biocompatible according to EN ISO 10993-1 • approved for contact with food in accordance with EC1935 / 2004 (exception: alcoholic … Continued

Oceanz PA12 Food Grade White

In order to use plastic parts for food contact applications, they must meet strict requirements. Oceanz Food grade meets the requirements of the food processing industry in the EU: • EC 1935/2004 • EU 10/2011 • EC 2023/2006 Typical applications are extrusion nozzles, grippers, dies and machine parts for both direct food processing and indirect … Continued

Oceanz PA11 Food Grade Blue

All Oceanz PA11 Food Grade Blue orders are polished and processed in our ISO 9001 environment. Each order is also accompanied by a declaration of conformity. Oceanz PA11 Food Grade Blue complies with EU food processing industry regulatory requirements: EC 1935/2004 EU 10/2011 EC 2023/2006 Due to its excellent mechanical properties and high quality surface … Continued

Oceanz PAGF

Oceanz PAGF is a glass filled whitish PA12 powder. The 3D printing material is characterized by excellent rigidity in combination with a high elongation at break. Typical applications of the material are housings and thermally loaded parts, end parts within the automotive engine area, deep drawing dies or any other part requiring special rigidity, high … Continued

Oceanz Flexible TPU

Oceanz Flexible TPU is a rubbery, naturally coloured powder of a thermoplastic polyurethane that has been developed and optimised for use in a laser sintering system. Oceanz Flexible TPU has excellent material properties : – High elasticity, resilience and fatigue resistance – Excellent surface quality and level of detail – Biocompatible according to ISO 10993-5 … Continued

Oceanz Alumide

Oceanz Alumide is a metallic gray aluminum filled polyamide 12 powder, which is characterized by its high rigidity, metallic appearance and good finishing capabilities. Laser Sintered Oceanz Alumide parts are characterized by: • High dimensional accuracy • Increased thermal conductivity • Good editability

Oceanz Grey

Oceanz Grey is a pigment-filled polyamide powder developed by Oceanz for the production of laser sintered parts that are all gray. Typical applications for the material are fully functional parts in design quality that are subject to high mechanical or thermal loads. The grey appearance is very suitable for technical applications. Because the color is … Continued

Oceanz PA11

PA11 is a biobased whitish polyamide material. Compared to PA12, it offers higher elongation at break, elasticity and impact resistance. Typical applications are therefore environments where high deformations occur. In addition, the material does not splinter when broken. Oceanz PA11 has excellent material properties: • high elongation and impact resistance • biocompatible according to EN … Continued

Oceanz PAFR

Oceanz PAFR is a polyamide with a halogen-free flame retardant additive. Oceanz PAFR is whitish in color and is processed in our ISO 9001 production environment.