Oceanz Professional 3D printing

Make it matter

As a professional 3D printing company, Oceanz already knows the market, industry peers and professionals. We have acquired plenty of knowledge and concrete business cases within various fields of work. We are continually broadening our knowledge, looking for novelties and we are not shy of innovations and developments. Together with our customers, we design and create 3D printing innovations which make the difference in every production process.

Why Oceanz 3D printing?

  • It is the biggest machine park of north west Europe
  • It is the first professional 3D printing company in NL, (with ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 certification)
  • Its personal service and professional supervision
  • Expert knowledge within different branches
  • Supervision from idea to shipping the finished product

Oceanz - Industrial 3D printing

In industry, 3D printing has developed from a prototype technology into a serious option for (permanent) industrial applications. Varying from smaller series (customised) to extremely complex models.

The possibilities for Industrial 3D printing:

• Engineering & Re-engineering
• Product optimisation
• Post treatments
• Rapid prototyping
• Additive manufacturing
• Reduce failure & logistic costs

Oceanz - Medical 3D printing

3D printing technology enables more efficient working in the medical world.

Our applications in the medical industry:

  • Surgical guides
  • Anatomical models
  • Orthopedic appliances
  • Parts for medical devices

Oceanz - 3D printing Retail

3D print your products quickly and professionally and then sell them through your own channel? Oceanz already collaborates with a lot of large and small, well-known and lesser known retailers, both at home in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our characteristics:

  • Wide range of materials
  • Personal advice
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Supply chain management