Quickscan 3D printing

Uw toekomst met 3D printen?

Already know which course you are going to follow with 3D printing? Oceanz would like to introduce you to the latest 3D printing techniques and the advantages.

To print or not to print, that’s not a question anymore

We provide answers to all questions that you may have or occur within your organization or process:

  • Which parts are suitable for 3D printing?
  • Which parts or products can be optimized immediately?
  • Can certain parts be made lighter, stronger or even of a more economical material?
  • How can you shorten the lead time?
  • What can be possibly be outsourced?
  • How do you make this assessment?

We would like to answer all these questions and more for you with the 3D printing quick scan of Oceanz. A free service from Oceanz to give insight into future decisions within your organization and branch.

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