Colouring of a 3D print

3D print models manufactured at Oceanz can be coloured, coated or lacquered in a professional manner. 3D printing in colour is also a possibility at Oceanz. The printed models are generally printed in white. After that it’s possible to colour the model. Oceanz offers a wide ‘standard’ color palette, but your own or specific colour is also possible.

High-quality lacquer on 3D print

Your model(s) with a unique, high-quality paint? Coloring a 3D printed model based on a specified RAL color is possible. There is also the two-tone lacquer method. This way we can paint a model in two colors. This can be done with a gradient or 2-part.

High finish coating 3D printing

Unique is the possibility to provide a 3D print model with a high quality coating. This can protect the 3D print model from various external (weather) influences.

3D printing in colour

Oceanz prints PA12 (nylon) models also in grey (Oceanz Grey). The advantage is that the products are colored all the way through. This means that the colour does not change in post-processing. If there is any damage, there will be no white shining through. The colour is consistent throughout the model.

Full Color 3D print

Full Color Composite is a composite based on ZCorp zp151 powder that is then impregnated. The advantages of the ColorJet 3D printing method:

  • Models can be printed fully coloured
  • Very stiff and sturdy material
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent long-term constant behaviour
  • High accuracy and detailing

Colouring a 3D print?

Oceanz offers the following colours:

  • Oceanz Black
  • Oceanz Turquoise
  • Oceanz Blue
  • Oceanz Violet
  • Oceanz Purple
  • Oceanz Pink
  • Oceanz Red
  • Oceanz Orange
  • Oceanz Dark-green
  • Oceanz Green
  • Oceanz Brown
  • Oceanz Yellow
  • Oceanz Beige