Post process 3D printing

Polishing, colouring or coating?

Each model is cleaned after the printing process using the highest quality techniques. After 3D printing we offer various possibilities for post-treatments of the 3D print.

Why should you choose a post-treatment at 3D printing?

1. A smooth 3D print model

For an even smoother and fine finish, we are media tumbling and sanding 3D printed products at Oceanz.

2. Embellishment

3D printed models can be coloured in one of the standard Oceanz colours. In addition, painting on every RAL color there is is possible.

3. Protection

Unique is the possibility to provide 3D print models with a high quality coating. Coating is often applied to protect against various external (weather) influences.

More information about 3D printing and post-treatments?

Feel free to contact one of our advisers.