Selective Laser Melting

3D printing in metal continues to grow, especially within automotive, aerospace and the medical industry we see this 3D printing technique increase in use. The 3D print speed, but also the quality has undergone considerable development. This 3D printing technique results in high-quality metal products in single pieces or in smaller series. The physical properties of 3D printed metal are 99.9% equivalent to the standard properties of metals.

Metal 3D printing

SLM is a ‘powder bed technology’ in which a layer of metal powder (for example titanium, tool steel, stainless steel or aluminium) is bonded together by a laser. This eventually creates a complete object in 3D.

Benefits of 3D printing in metal

  • Minimizing the impact on the environment (saving material and energy)
  • Shorten the development cycle
  • Production on location
  • Functional testing of quality prototypes for production
  • Well applicable to complex organic forms
  • Very suitable for single pieces and small series

3D printing in metal is a more complex 3D printing technology than 3D printing in plastic. Please contact our advisers for more information about material, design or production.