Let’s start 3D printing

How does 3D printing work at Your Oceanz online?

1. Log in securely at YourOceanz.eu and Upload a 3D file

To be able to print 3D, a suitable digital file is required. This can be a design with a 3D drawing program, a 3D drawing made by a professional or a 3D scan of a specific object.

Read more about the most important design tips for a 3D print.

2. Select the desired quality, material and post-treatment


  • Quality (ISO 9001 of ISO 13485)
  • Material (plastics, metal or sand / plaster)
  • Aftertreatment (drumming & polishing, coloring and / or coating)

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3. Receive your order quickly at any desired location

Within a few days the order will be delivered at any desired address.