Packaging and 3D printing? A logical combination! Designers and machine manufacturers in the packaging industry integrate the 3D printing technique for manufacturing of machine parts in both plastic and metal. The technique allows the components to be optimized in for example: lead time, component weight, cost and number of parts per model. In addition to these advantages, the customized and unique design is of course an advantage. Like 'unique grippers', caps, lids, bottles, boxes and disposables. Both prototypes and end products are possible is very diverse industries. All within the applicable standards and certificates (for example the food industry).

Benefits 3D printing Packaging: prototyping phase

Fast, realistic and failing costs reduction

Through the use of 3D printing, improvements are made to an early design and decisions are made faster. The error production is almost non-existent and high costs (such as a faulty mold) are saved. When a model proves to be right, the final production can be started.

Thanks to the good properties of various 3D printing materials, the technique is very suitable for use in the production of finished products. Think of the production of grippers, machine parts or the on-time delivery of spare parts, which limits machine downtime.

Benefits 3D printing Packaging: final production

By manufacturing machine parts with a 3D printing technique, a design department is challenged to think ‘outside the box’. This is because they are faced with some freedom of form, low costs and a fast technique, this will in the long run ensure more efficient machines.

Save costs with 3D printing

  • More cost-effective production of prototypes than in a conventional manner
  • Make improvements at an early stage
  • Save on failure costs
  • Can quickly be tested
  • Direct feedback on initial ideas and thoughts

Cases in Packaging

High performance packaging in 3D printing

High performance packaging in 3D printing

A tailor-made package adds value to a supply chain. What role can 3D printing play in this?

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