Medical (Tech) companies and medical technology, in short Medtech, can benefit from the 3D printing technique. During the development of medical technological innovations, depending on the stage of the innovation, the 3D printing technique is perfect to use. 3D printing can for example easily support new companies or innovations with prototypes (fast and inexpensive). For more developed companies and innovations, the entrepreneur with small series of end products can keep the stocks low and remains flexible in adjusting the design. The technology allows the components to be optimized in for example the lead time, weight and cost. Oceanz can print the Medtech products with an ISO 13485 certificate.

‚ÄčThe advantages of Medtech and 3D printing

  • 3D printing with ISO 13485
  • Accelerate development time of an innovation
  • Prototyping and small series
  • Fast production time
  • Production in your own country
  • Easy to implement model adjustments
  • Stock on demand

    Cases in MedTech

    Sens-u: Clinical prototype with ISO 13485

    Sens-u: Clinical prototype with ISO 13485

    Novioscan is working on ultrasound sensors, the first is the Sens-u. This sensor is used for monitoring the bladder contents for paraplegic patients, children w

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    Hands-free, 3D printed ultrasound device in six hospitals:

    Hands-free, 3D printed ultrasound device in six hospitals:

    The Eindhoven startup Usono focuses on the development of smart and user-friendly ultrasound products. Thanks to the patented 3D printed ProbeFix ultrasound can

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