3D printing is 'multi applicable' in the maritime industry. Both commercial ships and the sailing sport, like the Volvo Ocean race, benefit from this technique. Printing in metal and plastic is a rather new technique for the maritime industry. 3D printing is maturing rapidly strongly influenced by yachting. Creating unique products in a traditional way is often time consuming and costly. 3D printing can change that. It allows the components to be optimized in: lead time, component weight, cost and number of parts per model.

Benefits of 3D printing for yacht builders

  • Weight saving (very important in sailing races)
  • Time saving (production time goes down)
  • Prototypes available more quickly for testing
  • Immediate printing of parts and thus fast delivery
  • Cost savings (decrease in production costs)
  • A few pieces is possible, without manufacturing molds
  • Less material needed thanks to efficient design
  • Problems in a first design can immediately be adjusted and improved
  • A mold for producing parts can be printed in 3D which is much faster than the traditional method

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