Industrial 3D printing

Within the industry, 3D printing develops from a technique for prototyping to a serious option and proven technology for (permanent) industrial applications. In small series (customization) to very complex models.

The advantages of 3D printing in industry

3D Printing is also called the new industrial revolution. You can benefit from that with your organization. Together with Oceanz you can come up with the ideal model that enables you to reduce failure and logistics costs and solve complex problems.

Oceanz guides you through a possible adjustment in the design, advises you on the optimal (series) size, so that your (stock) costs immediately reduce. In the development of a prototype, Oceanz prints a few pieces. This prevents large numbers of incorrect products, waste and failure costs in case of changes.

3D printing with ISO 9001

Oceanz is the first and only ISO 9001-certified 3D printing company in the Netherlands. At Oceanz, quality has the highest priority. In addition, we also present test and measurement results to you.

Your Industrial 3D printing 3D printing professional

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