3D Foodprinting

At Oceanz we keep an eye on 'foodprinting'. In fact, we are already printing food! The technique is perfectly suited to personalize our food products. 3D printing offers a lot of opportunities to personalize the food, but is still relatively unknown. Many 3D food print projects now have a certain ‘factor of fun', but in the future we will have to look into a professional market of 3D printed food. At the moment foodprinting is still a 'blue ocean'.

Oceanz is located in the heart of the Foodvalley, a region with plenty of opportunities to profile and stand out in this area worldwide. As a 3D print professional, we can serve the region with our expertise. We think along and help innovate.

The possibilities of 3D food printing

  • Personalize; both in freedom of form and composition of the 3D printed food
  • Adjusting ingredients; think of meat substitutes, the use of new ingredients such as algae and insects or an adapted composition by adding extra vitamins
  • Ease; food preparation at a pre-programmed time and any desired location
  • Experience; 3D printing of food gives an extra dimension, one sees the food being prepared

Where will we see 3D food printing in the coming years?

  • Great food producers
  • Food service industry (care)
  • Retail and the small-scale food preparation
  • At home

Your 3D Foodprinting 3D printing professional

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