Airlines and aerospace are considered to be the early adopters of 3D printing. This industry immediately saw the great benefits of Additive Manufacturing saves money that way. 3D printed parts for the aerospace industry are manufactured in for example titanium, steel and plastics. The most well-known example is the case of the seat belt buckle. Thanks to the use of 3D printing, aircraft manufacturers can reduce the weight of seat belts from 155 to 70 grams. This adjustment saves more than 3 million liters of kerosene or 2 million euros over the total life span of an Airbus A380.

Benefits 3D printing for aviation

  • 3D printed products are lighter in weight (direct fuel saving)
  • Cheaper parts
  • Less stock (material and parts can be produced on site)
  • Create complex components easily and accurately
  • Lower raw materials consumption in the production of metal parts
  • Freedom of shape and optimization of the shape

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