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Is your company involved in design, development, research or (full)service of products and innovations? The 3D printing technique will help develop your innovations. For example the development of a new product. Printing prototypes during the design and development stages will accelerate the process of concept to mass production ('single step manufacturing’ and 'rapid prototyping'). In addition, the technique offers opportunities like the freedom of design and optimization or 're-engineering' of designs.

A brief overview of opportunities for design and development:

  • Single Step Manufacturing: In one step from design to a finished product or prototype.
  • Rapid Manufacturing: Short lead times to develop a prototype or finished product.
  • Freedom of design: Manufacture very complex designs.
  • Cost reduction: No unnecessary costs during the design phase.
  • Customization: Design to meet the customer specifications completely.
  • Lightweight: Optimal design (weight and material reduction).

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