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The interest in applying 3D printing in constructions is increasing. Additive manufacturing will also be 'disruptive' in this industry. How do we look at new methods and techniques in the coming years? Construction entrepreneurs think about which concepts are suitable for the future. We like to think along! Architects also see 3D printing as a great opportunity within the construction industry. The 3D printing of models and prototypes is currently being applied regularly. This simplifies the visualization of the end result towards customers. That will save a great deal of time and money!

Advantages of 3D printing in the Building & Architecture

Prototypen en maquettes

  • Prototypes and scale models
  • Visualization
  • Speed
  • Make adjustments easily
  • Stock restriction
  • Cost reduction
  • Speed


  • Mass customization; choose the structure, shape and layout yourself
  • Building with a lighter weight, which means less pressure on the foundation
  • Fast construction time
  • Cost reduction
  • Production on site (no stock)

Cases in Construction & architecture

EXO-L ankle strap prevents spraning in the construction workfield

The EXO-L is a safety belt for the ankles which is connected to a comfortable low rise work shoe. It prevents injuries and offers maximum freedom.

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EXO-L ankle strap prevents spraning in the construction workfield

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