3D printed bra for perfect fit

3D printed bra for perfect fit

Lidewij van Twillert combines 3d printing with traditional sewing art to make the ultimate fitting bra...

High Tech Couture Modehuis Arí van Twillert presents its first collection, THE FUNDAMENTALS. Designer Lidewij Vera Arí van Twillert developed specialized technology and software. Van Twillert combines 3D printing with traditional sewing to make the ultimate bra that fits so perfectly that it is accurate to 0.1 mm. Patent has been requested because there is worldwide attention to this new method. This will revolutionize the bra, from fit to support, using a 3D body scan and 3D printed parts based on software developed in the company.

The current size of the bra is based on a system that does not work as well, according to Madhu. “Each brand has its own fit, so that a bra of the same size of a particular brand can be quite different from that of another brand. The system is complicated and ineffective; No wonder that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size! “

80% of women wear a wrong bra size.

With 20,000 measurements on the body, we determine how each element should be applied for a 3D printed bra tailored

This brought the designer to the idea of what to do with it. “The size for each customer is specific, because we use a personal 3D scan and base the BH-parts on it. In fact, it uses 20,000 measurements of the body to determine exactly how each element should be applied. Consider, for example, the distance between the cups, the width of the support elements and the depth of the cups. The design team then offers a choice of designs and materials together with the customer.

From scan to 3D printed BH

The scanned information is contacted by the software developer. Between the scanner and the printer is software with which we can accurately model. With these files we create the pattern parts of the textile section and a file to create the 3D print. The 3D printed support, the Curvearis, is modelled and calculated by the software and then 3D printed. The bra itself is sewn according to traditional techniques in the atelier of Arí van Twillert in Rotterdam. In this way I work according to an exact approach and do scientific tests to improve the garment and make it as good as possible. Moreover, not good fitting of BH is often not worn. That is waste of work, material, fuels and money. You can then invest better in one or two well-fitting bra. This is entirely in line with the sustainable future we face.

Sustainable & Biocompatible 3D printing

Robert Groeneveld, sales engineer at Oceanz 3d printing: “The 3D printing technique is very suitable for the designs of High Tech Couture fashion house Arí van Twillert. Besides a perfect fit and the durable aspect of 3D printing, we work for this application with very suitable materials. Take our standard 3D print material, Oceanz PA12, is biocompatible and therefore suitable for skin contact. This material is biocompatible according to EN ISO 10993-1 (European) “.