3D printing for Solar Car Stella Vie

3D printing for Solar Car Stella Vie

Stella Vie is a solar car from the solar team Eindhoven, a student Team of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Since 2013, Solar Team Eindhoven is participating in the biennial World solar Challenge for solar cars. The car is designed, built and tested by the participants of the team. The cars with which the team participates in the World Solar Challenge are suitable for transporting several people.

2017: Stella Vie wins World Solar Challenge

In 2017, the team took part with the Stella Vie. Stella Vie is the first solar car in the world to accommodate five people (including the driver). With this solarcar they won the World Solar Challenge in 2017. The team is sponsored by various companies working in, among other things, energy supply and technology. Also Oceanz 3d printing has sponsored Stella Vie and 3d printed parts for the interior and exterior.

Stella Vie and 3d printing

In Stella Vie are several 3d printed parts in the interior and also exterior.

The advantages of 3d printing for Stella Vie:

  • Lightweight
  • fast delivery
  • model optimization

3D printing for Stella Vie

Photo: TU Eindhoven, Bart van Overbeek