Additive manufacturing and sustainability

For several years the impact of 3D printing on the manufacturing industry has been predicted. It i's often said that 'The sky is the limit'.

Additive manufacturing and sustainability

The prognoses often consist of many assumptions and ideas. In itself not so strange, because it is still a relatively young industry. But that is changing. Additive manufacturing and 3D printing are increasingly serious options in the manufacturing industry. With the development of these alternative techniques, more and more knowledge about the actual influence is known.

Is 3D printing sustainable?

Consider, for example, the impact that 3D printing has on the environment. This production technique is generally aimed at the reduction or elimination of residual material. And thus automatically a sustainable alternative. Compared to traditional production processes, 3D printing consumes fewer raw materials during the realization process and the production causes less waste.

Recycled 3D print material

Well, that would be nice. For that reason, we have added Oceanz Ecopowder to our range. With the development of Ecopowder, Oceanz is taking a big step in that direction. A step that also enables you to make a concrete contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The new Ecopowder is a production technique with little / no waste, in which the 3D print models are made from recycled material. Printing is done via the SLS technique and the material has almost the same characteristics as our standard Oceanz PA12.

Read more about Oceanz EcoPowder, the sustainable 3D print material from Oceanz.

Quality vs. Sustainability

3D printing with bioplastic materials is obviously also a good option. With this, 3D printing also contributes to the sustainability of production processes. Certainly in combination with FDM technology, this option slowly finds its way onto the market. The concessions we make to the quality of the FDM print may outweigh the contribution to sustainability.

The choice is yours.

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22 May 2018
Erik van der Garde