Why 3D printing at a professional 3D printing company?

Do not have a 3D printer yet, but get started with 3D printing? A professional 3D printing service offers the solution for this.

Why 3D printing at a professional 3D printing company?

1. Advanced production process

A 3D print service agency has several modern and professional 3D printers that are operated and maintained by their own experienced people. Thanks to the capacity, numerous products can be printed every day for various clients (from industry, retail and the medical world to art, design, automotive or aerospace). These print jobs vary from a few pieces to complete series. Because each model has its own design and final goal, this also requires a different production process. It starts with the choice of the 3D print material, but there is also a diverse range of colors and post-treatments. A 3D print service agency is therefore the ideal address to test whether 3D printing is interesting.

2. Experience in 3D printing

The print jobs at a 3D print service agency are very diverse and each require their own treatment. In this way, a 3D printing company has gained experience with 3D printing for multiple markets and specific branches. Innovations and developments are followed closely and there is room for research. For a good end result, a 3D service company is also ready for personal advice and guidance during the entire printing process. A reassuring feeling for the client who may be less familiar with 3D printing.

3. Quality first

You can expect quality from a 3D print service agency. A quality mark or certification is a nice feature. A few are officially certified. The use of an official quality management system offers reliability and quality on the 3D printed products.

4. Professional network

A 3D print service company has gathered a network of professional partners around it. They can call on these parties when necessary. In this way, clients do not spend unnecessary time on design (improvement), but can have this included in a quote from the service company.

5. More than 3D printing

The printing process, after delivery of a correct file at a 3D printing company, takes a few working days. Additional actions or dispatch (whether or not in house style) are also possible. A few days after placing the 3D print order, the 3D printed products will be delivered at any desired address. The computer files for the 3D print model can not be used once. These are stored at the 3D printing company and can be used again for reordering. This also allows the client’s stock to be managed properly.

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26 August 2016
Laura van den Biggelaar