January: 10 years of Oceanz

2010 - 2020: 10 years of professional 3D printing in the Netherlands

January: 10 years of Oceanz

Just count to 10 ...

Because, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year as a professional 3D printing service in the Netherlands!

The number 10 is a “lucky number” (source: Wikipedia). That is why we celebrate our 10-year anniversary on the 10th of the month for a year. We will look back and look forward to a decade-long professional 3D printing in the Netherlands.

2015: Oceanz

The first 5 years we have 3D printed under a different name. In February 2015 we organized a successful Open Day and launched the Oceanz name. The name Oceanz refers to the Blue Ocean strategy. This strategic organization approach assumes that companies must always continue to focus on pristine markets and innovations.

Proven technology

Erik van der Garde, CEO of Oceanz: “In the past 10 years we have seen the company and the market both developing enormously. The focus has shifted to a mature professional production technique. This makes it a proven technology. We are now at a stage where quality, lead time and material options play a greater role. The model is mainly used functionally and the “fun factor” has been weakened. For us, one thing has remained unchanged in those 10 years; our personal approach, service and the delivery of quality have remained paramount.”


  • 2010: Establishment
  • 2014: ISO 9001 certification
  • 2015: Launch Oceanz
  • 2016: ISO 13485 certification
  • 2016: Launch Your Oceanz
  • 2016: R&D
  • 2019: Takeover Heijcon

In 2020 we can look back on 10 years, among other things:

  • 3D printing techniques
  • Medical 3D printing
  • From 3D printing to Additive Manufacturing
  • Industrial 3D printing
  • Order online via Your Oceanz
  • 3D printing for the food industry
  • Collaborations and media
  • Sustainable 3D printing
  • Post-processing
  • Design & Engineering

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10 years of Oceanz 3D printing, professional 3D printing in the Netherlands

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