Cooperation Project Open Air NL

Cooperation Project Open Air NL

Oceanz is affiliated with Project Open Air, a platform for collaboration between hospitals, engineers and production companies during Corona.

Project Open Air is a platform for collaboration between hospitals, engineers and production companies. Their goal: open source or additional production of critical equipment and components for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. What is actually offered here is a network of engineering and production capacity.

Oceanz & Project Open Air

Oceanz is affiliated as a professional 3D print production company with the ability to make priority certified parts for ventilation or other critical equipment.

Why Project Open Air?

“Some of the people who end up in hospital with COVID-19 need artificial respiration. In places where the pandemic has progressed a little further, there are acute shortages of respiratory equipment and parts for this. Shortages are expected to arise in many more places. Supply chains cannot cope with global demand. This also causes shortages because (sometimes relatively simple) parts are no longer available.

The consequences of these shortages are immediate and deadly. We all know the tragic scenarios of forced choices in who gets help or who doesn’t. Reversed: every working (ventilation) device equals the chance of a saved life. That is why Project Open Air is working on the supply of parts for existing equipment and - internationally - on the development of safe, functioning and life-saving emergency equipment. ”

Project Open Air (NL) brings parties together with the intention of making the process of cooperation and production run smoothly, quickly, purposefully, but also safely and professionally. Project Open Air does not produce itself, but builds and coordinates a network. A temporary initiative, born out of pure necessity.

Project Open Air NL is the Dutch branch of the international Project Open Air. More than 2000 technical and medical experts are now involved in this to produce parts that are needed in hospitals.