3D printed water nozzle for virtual reality fire exercise

XVR creates virtual reality training software for education, training and assessment of incident response safety professionals, such as police, fire and medical services. Think about training firefighters for specific events in petrochemical plants, crowded city centers and skyscrapers. These areas are impossible to lock down but need specific training. XVR makes it possible to do this in a realistic digital environment.

The XVR environment is mostly digital, to bring it a little bit more into the real world, they set out to create a "digital water nozzle". The physical water-nozzle firefighters use to fight real fire is adapted to extinguish digital fires. It is fitted with sensors to track direction and various other inputs. The digital water nozzle can be used to train and show certain events without needing real fire and thus improving safety.

Frank & Frens designed the casing of the nozzle. We used 3D-printing to produce some fast prototypes in order to iterate the fitting and looks. Because of the batch size we also used 3D-printing for the final product, this allowed us to incorporate most of the needed functions into just two shells.